Sprucing Up Snyder’s Union

snyders union banner

With generous help from the Snyder family we have been working to make improvements to Snyder’s Union and the areas surrounding it. The work in progress initially began in February with tree trimming and clearing of invasive vines that were strangling much of the vegetation in the area. This cleared the path for new vegetation and growth this spring creating a healthier environment all around. A few months later we focused on refinishing the mahogany beams which hang over the benches and refurbishing the water fountain in the plaza.

In past weeks we reevaluated the area trees, especially those between the Trail and Lee Park and continued the trimming and even removed a few that were sadly on their last limb. While we always hate to see a tree go, this made the area safer and opened up the view into Lee Park from the Snyder Overlook.

New plantings have also been added to the area as well. Night creeper ground cover was added near the stone benches to patch bare areas and the circle bed under the bur oak got a face-lift. The tree now stands proudly in the center of the plaza above a beautiful array of day lilies and vinca.

This work would not have been possible without the support of Bobbi Snyder. Snyder’s Union is near and dear to her and her family. She and her late husband donated the original funds to build the plaza in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary.  In 2014 the Snyder family added the the ramp connecting the Trail to Lee Park – see photos of the groundbreaking ceremony here.

We are so grateful to the continued support from the Snyder family. Bobbi Snyder can often be found visiting the plaza, but don’t look for her resting quietly on one of those fabulous benches. It’s more likely to find her pulling weeds, taking down bamboo, or clearing away over grown vines. Her hands-on approach to caring for this space has been such a beneficial inspiration for the Katy Trail.

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