Bombarded by Bikes

bikes dumped 12.1.17

If you have been on the Katy Trail recently then you’ve noticed the abundance of colorful bikes that have rolled in to town. We at Friends of the Katy Trail like the concept of bike-sharing, but there are just too many bikes on our narrow 3.5 mile trail. The piles of bikes along the Katy Trail are an eye-sore and are ruining our landscaping. Most importantly, the amount of bikes left along the Trail is unsafe. We find them left in the middle of the path or lined up in front of our emergency access points.

We are working with the city of Dallas and the bike share companies to come up with a happy solution. We are hoping less bikes will be deployed to the Katy Trail and that bike-share companies will actively monitor the Katy Trail removing excess and broken bikes daily. We will keep you updated on our progress.
In the meantime you can help. If you are unhappy with the amount of bike-share bikes on the Katy Trail, please make a report to 311. Either download the City of Dallas 311 App or call 311. Your voice matters! We also ask that if you are using the bikes to please park them responsibly. That means leaving them a safe distance from the Trail, parking them off of our landscaping and grass, and leaving them in the upright position.

It is obvious the bike-share program has some bugs to work out and we will keep you updated as we learn more. Our job at Friends of the Katy Trail is to keep the Trail clean, safe, and beautiful. Right now these companies are making it difficult to do our job, but rest assured we are working on a solution.

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