New speed limit signs put the brakes on bikes


The Katy Trail has new speed limit signs. No, these aren’t meant for you runners striving for a PR; they’re for the bikes on the Trail.

The Katy Trail has had significant growth in the amount of users the past couple of years, including bikes. So, Friends of the Katy Trail, in conjunction with the City of Dallas, installed speed limit signs along the Trail stating a 10 mph limit for those on bikes. Plus, there’s a reminder for slower traffic to keep right.

Full disclosure: the speed limits are just a suggestion. They aren’t enforceable as the Dallas City Council hasn’t enacted any laws limiting speed on trails throughout the city. The Friends have placed the signs as another way to help maintain a safe environment for everyone using the Trail. The signs are a good reminder that slower bike speeds are safer, especially during congested times. And while the speed limit is not enforceable yet, there may come a time in the near future when speeding bikers can be ticketed.

So while your workout may have no limits, please keep your bike speeds in check.

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