Perhaps the best place to park near the north end of the Katy Trail is the parking lot near Knox Street. To get to it, take Travis Street south from the Knox intersection, then take a right into the first retail parking lot on your right. Go straight and it will turn become an alley that leads you to a lot adjacent to the Katy Trail. Note that some of the spaces are reserved for E2M employees during business hours.

On the southern end (closer to downtown) you can park at Reverchon Park in the lot near the baseball fields. The park address is 3505 Maple Avenue.

The mile markers on the Katy Trail are embedded into the concrete trail every quarter of a mile and show the distance from the end of the Trail in the direction you are traveling. Whether you start at Airline Road in the north, or the American Airlines Center in the south, the mile marker says zero. The next marker you see says 1/4, and so on every quarter of a mile until you get to the other end of the Trail, when you reach the 3.5-mile marker. When you turn around, you’re at zero again.

In case you’re asking about the signs on poles along the Trail, those are 911 markers for DPD and DFD. They are labeled KT-100 through KT-125 and are tied to the City’s GPS because the 3.5-mile Katy Trail is too long to have one official address. They are approximately 1/8 of a mile apart, but they are not mileage markers.

On the South end you can use the public restroom at the Reverchon Recreation Center. Take the ramp at Thomsen Overlook down to Reverchon Park. Trail users are also able to use the restrooms at the Katy Trail Ice House. On the North end we suggest visiting Highland Park Pharmacy or the Starbucks on Knox. Just be a good customer and buy a drink on your way out to hydrate!