Trail Information

Trail Etiquette

No motorized vehicles permitted
When in a group, don’t walk more than two side by side
Announce “Passing on the left”
Obey the 10 MPH speed limit signs
Keep pets on a short leash
Watch children carefully and keep them close
Use the correct path: pedestrian for walkers and runners or shared path for wheels
Keep to the right, on foot or bike
Always look both ways before crossing or changing direction
Watch for traffic when crossing at Harvard and Knox
Use headphones responsibly
Clean up after your pets
Look up from your phone
Disengage electric bicycles

Map & Parking

On the southern end of the Trail, you may park at Reverchon Park in the lot near the baseball fields. Just take the ramp in the park up to the Katy Trail. The Reverchon Park address is 3505 Maple Avenue. Street parking is also available close to the Trail (1) by the Katy Trail Ice House, (2) on Cambrick Street next to the Cambrick Plaza, and (3) on Carlisle Place next to Snyder’s Union.

Trail Hours

Because the Katy Trail is a City of Dallas park, hours are 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. In the early morning, lights come on at 5 a.m. to sunrise and come back on at sunset to midnight. If you see a light out, please let us know so we can replace it.


On the south end of the Trail, you can use the public restroom at the Reverchon Recreation Center. Take the ramp at Thomsen Overlook down to Reverchon Park. Trail users may also be able to use the restrooms at the Katy Trail Ice House. On the north end, we suggest visiting Berkley's M.K.T. right off the Trail at the Knox Street crossing. Just be a good customer and buy a drink or snack on your way out!

Mile Markers

The mile markers on the Katy Trail are embedded into the concrete path at every quarter mile and show the distance from the end of the Trail in the direction you are traveling. If you start at Airline Road in the north, or at American Airlines Center in the south, the mile marker says zero. The next marker you see says 1/4 and so on every quarter mile until you reach the other end of the Trail. When you turn around, you’re at zero again.
The signs on poles along the Trail are 911 markers for Dallas Police Department and Dallas Fire Department. They are labeled KT-100 through KT-125 and are tied to the city’s GPS, since the 3.5-mile Katy Trail is too long to have one official address. They are approximately 1/8 mile apart, but they are not mileage markers. In case of an emergency, please note your nearest 911 mile marker to first responders.

Lost And Found

If you’ve lost something on the Trail, please contact our office at (214) 303-1180 or
You can also ask our Trail Manager, security officers, or Dallas police, if you see them on the Trail.