The City of Dallas owns the land, but it’s private donations that make the Trail beautiful. The nonprofit group Friends of the Katy Trail works around the clock year-round to keep the Trail in peak condition.

We maintain and landscape the paths, provide lighting, signage, benches and fountains, hire Dallas Bike Officers for safety patrols, and pay all utilities. Without Friends, there would be no Katy Trail. And without donations from members, corporate sponsorships, and annual fundraisers, the Trail would go nowhere. It isn’t tax dollars, but support from citizens that keeps the Trail on track.

If you want to ensure the Katy Trail stays clean, safe and beautiful, join us. You can support Friends of the Katy Trail through capital contributions, corporate sponsorships, and personal memberships.

A city like Dallas needs a natural resource as beautiful as the Katy Trail. The Katy Trail needs you. Join us, and see where it leads.

For more on our budget and funding sources view our 2016 ANNUAL REPORT



Ben E. Keith Company
Eko Construction
Highland Park Emergency Center, LLC.
Katy Trail Ice House
Outdoor Voices
Pegasus Bank
The Snyder Foundation
UDR, Inc.
Uptown Dallas, Inc.
Westdale Asset Management

Dorothy and Russell
Lillian and Tony Dona
Mary and Scott Hager
Robert Hallam Jr.
William E. Harding Jr.
Luann Hicks
Shelly Lazzaro
Jimmy Nelson
William Payne
Katherine and Eric Reeves
Daphne and Jay Shipowitz
Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt
Betsy and Jim Sowell
Jennifer Holloway and Jim Thompson
Lori and David Watkins
Scott Weaver

Zahara Alarakhia and John Hamilton
Robert Barr Allen
Emy Lou and Jerry Baldridge
Star and Carl Boetticher
Cecilia and Garrett Boone
Nicholas Bowman
Angela and David Brown
Julie and Tom Brown
Cathy Bruff
Don Burgio
Janice and Ashburn Bywaters
Camille Cooland Laura S. Hutcheson
Guinn Crousen
Carol and Sam Dalton
Pilar and Lew Davies
Peggy Dear
Michael Dee
Anne and Mike Duffy
Cara East and Dan DeMarco
Laura and Walter Elcock
Linda and Mark Ellis
Amy and Lee Fikes
Brill and Jason Garrett
Barbara and Larry Good
Forrest Hoglund
Janet and John Holland
Sarah and William James
Bettina and Peter Jones
Sue Krider
Leslie Lanahan
Lori Lesniewski
Gwyn and Wilson Mason
Billie McKnight
Morton Meyerson
Leigh and Cy Mills
Janet and John Mockovciak
Barbara Mullins
Rebecca Low and Keith Ohnmeis
Gwen and Douglas Parker
Stephanie and Scott Pinkston
Ken Reese
Lysa and Greg Rohan
Deedie Rose
Kathy and Jeffrey Sangalis
Sam Sawyer
Mark Schachter
Debra and Mark Schremp
Lindsay and Blake Shipp
Sally Pian and Ira Silverman
Patty and Andy Smith
Faye and Michael Smith
Wayne and Sharon Smith
Matt Turner
Stacey and Arnie Verbeek
Jim Warren
John Watson
Tina and Dan Weinfurther
Robert Zak
Sophie and Eric Zuckerman

Amy and Fred Albrecht
Brooke Alexander
Tyler Alley
Anne and Larry Angelilli
Ross and Rebeca Anthony
Josh Ayers
Tiffany and Tom Bakewell
Robert Banes
Barbara and David Baxter
Barbara and Bill Benac
Brian Berryman
Diane and Hal Brierley
Carol and Ed Burger
Zhanna and TJ Carter
Sandra and Robert Connor
Anne and Kyle Crews
David Curry
Troy and Carolyn Daniel
Ann and Chuck Dannis
Thomas DiPiero
Sandy and Roger Dorf
Sally Downs
Adam Dunayer
Rich Eberhart
Laura and Doug Evans
Nina Cortell and Robert Fine
Cindy and Brett Govett
Paul Hale
Haylee and Currey Hall
Deborah Hankinson
Bill Hartley
JB Hayes
Marna Helland
Jerry and Phillip Henderson
Chuck Hixson
Haseena Enu and Randy Hulme
Sarah and Jim Hutcheson
Andrea Jacaman and Alberto Lopez
Ann Marie Warren and Alan Jones
Suzanne and Robert Kriscunas
Julie and Rob Little
Lori and Bill Little
Patricia Lyle
Stacey and Ken Malcolmson
Bruce and Robyn Mamary
Adnan Mir
Susan and Bill Montgomery
Gaye and Ron Morton
Katy Murray
David Parham
Mary Alice and Chris Paul
Eric Paulson and Mike McAdams
David Perna
Melanie and Eric Pinker
Joni and Tim Powers
Scot Presley and Steven Rayl
Anna and Tom Quigley
Bonny-Kate and Ben Ralston
Barbara and Doug Ralston
Denise and Steve Ring
Sandra Roberdeau
Anthony Robinson
Carol Roehrig and Frederick Seipp
Rich Rosalez
Jane and Bill Sandlin
Molly and Mark Schachter
Rick Schene
Kathy and John Seymour
Linda and Richard Shaffer
Patty and Tom Shires
Amanda and Charlie Shufeldt
Woody Smith
Pat and Wynne Snoots
Letty and John Spicer
Sharon and Gifford Stein
Meribeth and William Stevens
John and Judy Temple
Jennifer and Josh Terry
Janice and Keith Van Arsdale
Ingeborg and Samuel Vastola
Julie and Richard Voliva
Cynthia and Joe Williams
Rebecca Winn
Cindy and Bruce Wolf

Thomas Bower
Susie and John Adams
Heather and Ray Balestri
Nolana and John Bassett
Michael Bauer
Amy and Brandon Bean
Sarah and Jim Bennett
Jeffrey Berkowitz
Tosha and Randy Bjork
Greg Brandt
Stephanie and Bennie Bray
Susan Bright
Lou and Larry Brown
Dan Chesnut
Timothy Collins
Cyndi Crawford
Helen and Tom Crichton
Felice and John Crocker
Lori and John Dalton
Jane Darrow
Ben Davis
Devi Dragone
Julia Edwards
Lacy Eidt
Brian Eigel
Yolanda and Abram Eisenstein
Sarah and Keith Evans
Eric Faulkner
Shari and Kevin Felton
Shannon FitzGerald
Porter Fleming
Shelagh Fobare
Sandra and Mark Fox
Lisa Frenkel
Phyllis and Fred Fulton
Phyllis and Larry Futerfas
Bobby Gibbs
Paul Gittemeier
Steven Golsen
Mark Gregor-Pearse
Maya and Robert Gross
Kristen Hawkinson
Carol and Jeff Heller
John Henry
Chris Hipps
Janet and Tom Horton
Linda Hrebec
Judy Jimenez
Laura and Roger Johnson
Chris Jones
Kathleen Jones
Richard Jones
Jim and Scott Kahle
Melinda and Howard Kincaid
Stacey and Don Kirowitz
Bill Knodel
Steve Kurtin
Leslie Lanahan
Marilyn Lenox
Jim Linck
Lee and Peter Lorenzen
Stacey and Ken Malcolmson
Angela and Thomas Maryon
Miya Maysent
Lexie McArtur
Mrs. Eugene McDermott
Peter McGuire
Molly Meek
Debbie and Don Michel
Tom Mortenson
Coleen Murray
Diane Nakashima
Jane and Mike Nicolais
Julie and Michael Nunez
Eric Ochel
Jason Owsley
Stan Pennock
Jennifer and Mark Ponski
Edwin Proter
Susie and Jim Riley
Ryan Robinson
Lisa and John Rocchio
Terry and Bert Romberg
Joni and Martin Rose
Gale and Hugh Rucker
Mel Rushton
Debra and Mark Schremp
Cindi and Randall Segler
Donna and James Silcock
Mary and Mike Silverman
Abbygail Sly
Betty Smith
Neil Smith
Stephanie Smith
Amanda Strauss
Allison and James Summersett
Ryan Swank
Lee and Rick Theilen
Brad Thompson
Joanna and Theodore Townsend
Jim Valesano
Janice and Keith Van Arsdale
Karen Vandermeer
Julie and Phil Walker
Roslyn Walker
Scott Watson
Everett Weiler
Ward Williford
Brent Willmott
Christen and Derek Wilson
David Winn
Vickie Wise
Eric Woodson
Rebecca Wynne




Rob Little, President

Ken Malcolmson,Vice President

Charlie Shufeldt, Vice President

Mark Shachter, Treasurer

Lori Watkins, Secretary


Thomas Bennett, III

TJ Carter

Buddy Cramer

Sam Dalton

Troy Daniel

Haylee Hall

Billy Hartwell

Jill Beth Hayes

Luann Hicks

John Holland

Chuck Hixson

Eric Paulson

Ken Reese

Mark Schachter

Blake Shipp

Charlie Shufeldt

Wayne Smith

Pat Snoots

Letty Spicer

Joshua Terry

Sophie Levy Zuckerman



Executive Director

Development and Operations Assistant

Membership and Marketing Director

Trail Manager