Perhaps the best place to park near the north end of the Katy Trail is the parking lot near Knox Street. To get to it, take Travis Street south from the Knox intersection, then take a right into the first retail parking lot on your right. Go straight and it will turn become an alley that leads you to a lot adjacent to the Katy Trail. Note that some of the spaces are reserved for E2M employees during business hours.

On the southern end (closer to downtown) you can park at Reverchon Park in the lot near the baseball fields. The park address is 3505 Maple Avenue.

Directions from the South to the Victory Park Trail Head 

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— Take your best route to I35 North
— Exit High Line Drive
— Take a Right on High Line Drive (High Line turns into Victory
— Park as close as you can to the corner of Houston St. and Lyle.
— The Trail begins just North of the corner of Houston and Lyle St.

Directions to Reverchon Park 

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— Take your best route to I75
— Exit I75 North of Downtown onto Woodall Rogers Freeway
— Exit Woodall Rogers on the North Pearl Street
— Go North on Pearl to Maple Ave
— Follow Maple to 3535 Maple Ave. (Dallas, TX, 75219)
— Go left (South) into the Reverchon Park parking lot

Directions to David’s Way Plaza 

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— Take your best route to I75
— Exit Knox/Henderson and travel West on Knox St.
— Go left on Travis St.
— Follow Travis to Armstrong Ave.
— Go Right onto Armstrong Ave.
— Follow Armstrong to Buena Vista St.
— Go Right on Buena Vista to its end at the parking lot on the left

Because the Katy Trail is a City of Dallas park, it is technically open the same times that other City parks are open – 5 a.m. to midnight. In the early morning, lights come on at 5am to sunrise and come back on at sunset to midnight. If you ever see a light or section of lights, off during these times, please let us know so we can quickly remedy the problem. As summer approaches, the lights stay on later, turning off at 11 p.m. from July through September.

While not a Friends of the Katy Trail project, we are excited that the City of Dallas has been working to connect the Katy Trail with other nearby trail systems. With the Trail Extension project well underway, significant sections should begin opening for use this Spring.

The trail section between Worcola and the White Rock Station is expected to be complete in March 2016. Though the trail may be substantially complete, it will not be open for use until all safety measures are implemented (i.e. striping, signage, railing, debris cleanup, etc.) and final inspections with the contractor are conducted. The connection from Glencoe Park to Worcola, including the Mockingbird bridge, is also underway and this portion of the extension project is expected to be complete in April 2017.

 A complementary project was recently finished providing an enhanced walkway from Twin Sixties along the DART tracks to SMU Blvd. This provides a connection from Mockingbird Station to the retail and apartments along SMU Blvd, as well as the SMU campus.

 If you are looking for more details, please contact the City of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department.

If you’ve lost something on the Trail, there are several things you can try:

  1. The Reverchon Park Rec Center has a lost-and-found, and your item may have been delivered there;
  2. The DPD bicycle patrols on the Katy Trail often recover lost items, so check with them;
  3. Sometimes items are dropped off at the Friends of the Katy Trail’s office on McKinney Avenue. Give us a call at 214-303-1180 to describe and claim your item.

On the South end you can use the public restroom at the Reverchon Recreation Center. Take the ramp at Thomsen Overlook down to Reverchon Park. Trail users are also able to use the restrooms at the Katy Trail Ice House. On the North end we suggest visiting Highland Park Pharmacy or the Starbucks on Knox. Just be a good customer and buy a drink on your way out to hydrate!

The mile markers on the Katy Trail are embedded into the concrete trail every quarter of a mile and show the distance from the end of the Trail in the direction you are traveling. Whether you start at Airline Road in the north, or the American Airlines Center in the south, the mile marker says zero. The next marker you see says 1/4, and so on every quarter of a mile until you get to the other end of the Trail, when you reach the 3.5-mile marker. When you turn around, you’re at zero again.

In case you’re asking about the signs on poles along the Trail, those are 911 markers for DPD and DFD. They are labeled KT-100 through KT-125 and are tied to the City’s GPS because the 3.5-mile Katy Trail is too long to have one official address. They are approximately 1/8 of a mile apart, but they are not mileage markers. In case of an emergency, please make note of your nearest 911 mile marker to alert first responders.

The Loop / Circuit Trail Conservancy
For all trail expansion news, check out this nonprofit who is working to close the gaps and create 200+ miles of connecting trails in Dallas.

Oak Lawn Park / Arlington Hall
This outstanding nonprofit maintains and improves the grounds of Lee Park, which is located on both sides of Turtle Creek Boulevard and features Arlington Hall a replica of Robert E. Lee’s famous Virginia home.

City of Dallas Parks & Recreation Department

Maintaining over 21,000 park acres, the City of Dallas Parks & Recreation Department helps keep our wonderful city green and reminds us why Dallas is so great.

Rails to Trails Conservancy

The RTC helps create trails from unused rail corridors. Hmmm, sound familiar? The nonprofit org also works with elected officials to craft legislation that funds alternative transportation, such as bicycles and public transit. Their mission is to build “healthier places for healthier people.” Their bi-annual conference is called TrailLink, and really rocks!

Trinity Strand Trail

The Strand runs along the original Trinity River meanders and will eventually connect to the Katy Trail where the old Baby Doe’s restaurant use to be to give Dallas trail lovers even more trail options. The Trinity Strand will lead to the Trinity River levee trails and the Medical District.

Turtle Creek Association
Our Friends at Turtle Creek help keep Turtle Creek a green and beautiful area that reminds us why we love this city so much.

Uptown Dallas
Formerly known as the Uptown Public Improvement District, Uptown Dallas works to create and maintain the Uptown area in order to make it a pretty, safe and clean neighborhood. Uptown partners with the Friends to the Katy Trail to fund the off-duty DPD bike patrols of the Katy Trail. Their annual street festival is a must-see.